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Experience Maximum Taco Enjoyment with Taco PlatesHave you ever been frustrated while preparing your Tacos? Trying to keep your Tacos upright and balanced in one hand while using the other hand to stuff your Taco with meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and what ever else you find to your liken. Sit at the table and find the items you stuffed into the Taco shells have already found themselves on the outside of the Taco shells, causing you the agony of re-stuffing your Taco shells repeatly as you eat your meal.

Don't agonize over this process anymore, we at TacoPlate.com have been in this position many times ourselves, motivating us to brainstorm and create a solution. Through a few years of research and development, we at TacoPlate.com have tested and tried different designs and materials that would be best suited for Maximum Taco Enjoyment.

My husband and I have recently used this new product and have found it to be very useful with Mexican Meals. Its design allows you to separate your food items effectively. Normally, when serving tacos on a traditional plate your contents tend to overflow everywhere. This Taco Plate allows your tacos to lie properly in an upright position, allowing food contents to stay within the taco designed slots. Also, the plate is large enough that it has two separate areas for other food items. This makes it a very useful plate for the entire meal. We plan to purchase more of this product in the future. Thanks for designing such a great plate.
B. Marshall
  • TacoPlates Provide Maximum Taco Enjoyment
  • No More Soggy Tacos
  • Children Handle Tacos With Greater Ease
  • Made of Styrofoam and Disposable
  • Great For Parties
  • Patent #D505,296
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